Advising and Counseling

Getting students the information they need to be successful in their personal and professional development is the number one goal of advisors at ECC.

Academic and Transfer Advising Center

ECC advisors help students design an educational plan for any major, any transfer institution or course of study that leads to graduation. They show the student how to make good academic decisions that take into account their personal goals and career aspirations. Students typically meet with their advisor during orientation, when registering for classes, or when needing career counseling.

All incoming freshman and first time college students (regardless of age) must attend a New Student Orientation. Students call Admissions @ 847-214-7385 to set up their orientation. During orientation, students will see advisors and get their education plans. At this point the student registers for their first semester of classes. COL 101 is a required course for all incoming freshman and first time college students. This course will guide new students in learning effective strategies and identifying resources that will help them be successful in college. Key components of COL 101 include: self awareness, success/study skills, college resources, diversity and relating to others.

During subsequent semesters, students may register for classes without visiting their advisor as long as they have no changes to their education plans. If a student wants to change their plan, they need to schedule an appointment with their advisor well before registering.

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Wellness Services

When students are dealing with personal issues that interfere with their ability to reach their educational goals, advisors can help directly or provide referral to another agency.

Student Assistance Program

Students in need of personal assistance such as financial or personal counseling, alcohol or drug abuse counseling, and other needs can find the help they need through this program. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All assistance is strictly confidential. The number is 847-742-4033.

Career Development Services

Career Services provide career counseling, career exploration classes, interest and personality assessments and resources to help students choose a major and career. They can also assist students with job search skills and strategies, including resume review and mock interviews. Here are some of the services offered:

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