Syllabus Inserts

If you haven't already, be sure to read the Syllabus Guidelines page with links to the Syllabus Template and other good resources.

While a long syllabus can often overwhelm students, it's important that certain key pieces of information be available. The policies listed below are

Academic Integrity


ECC strives to foster an environment of respect for and achievement of the highest levels of academic integrity for all members of its academic community. Academic integrity and honesty are essential hallmarks of the institution's contributions to the great society and cannot be abridged without considerable harm to those who must rely upon the intellectual pursuits of the institution. 

The college has responsibilities to all those within its sphere of influence, both within the academic community itself and to the great society which supports its work. Institutional integrity can only be achieved through honesty, conscientiousness, and credibility of the members of the ECC community itself. To that end, all members of the ECC community are expected to comply with the college’s shared values.

When an instructor identifies an act of academic dishonesty, the instructor shall determine the appropriate sanctions for the particular offense. Sanctions may include a general warning, rewriting the paper/redoing the assignment, failing the assignment, failing the course, and/or participating in the non-credit Writing with Integrity course.

For more details on possible sanctions and the student appeal process, visit

Disability Accommodations


ECC welcomes students with disabilities and is committed to supporting them as they attend college.  If a student has a disability (visual, aural, speech, emotional/psychiatric, orthopedic, health, or learning), s/he may be entitled to some accommodation, service, or support. While the College will not compromise or waive essential skill requirements in any course or degree, students with disabilities may be supported with accommodations to help meet these requirements.  Accommodations must be reasonable and are specific to the disability and the course.

The laws in effect at college level are the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and state that a person does not have to reveal a disability, but if support is needed, documentation of the disability must be provided.  If none is provided, the college does not have to make any exceptions to standard procedures. 

All students are expected to comply with the Student Code of Conduct and all other college procedures as stated in the current College Catalog. 


  • Submit documentation of disability to ADA Coordinator.
  • Documentation will be reviewed and student will be contacted, either to provide additional information or to come in for accommodation letter(s) for faculty.
  • Call 847-214-7220 ( TTY - 847-214-7392) or e-mail ADA Coordinator at



If you are experiencing difficulty with the material, contact me early in the semester.  In addition, ECC offers a variety of tutoring options. All ECC students enrolled in courses for credit may be eligible for free tutoring by professional tutors. Call (847) 214-7256 or visit the Tutoring Center in C230 (2nd floor of the Library) for more details.

Drop-in tutoring is free.  Go as often as you like, stay as long as you need. Stop by the Tutoring Center for the current drop-in schedule.

There is a small fee for some private tutoring subjects, but not all. Most subjects are free.

Online tutoring is free. See the “Online Tutoring” bookmark or for a complete listing of courses offered.

Placement Re-testing (Recommended for Mth090-Mth112)


A student who earns an “A” in their first math course can request a re-test for the Compass Math placement exam. The testing office will verify that the student earned an “A” in their first math class and approve the student for one re-test, for the compass math placement test. Immediately upon completion of the test the student will be referred to the counseling office to assist the student in selecting the appropriate math course and then to registration.

Education Majors


Attention Education Majors!
If you plan to major in elementary education, special education, early childhood education, bilingual education, middle school or secondary education - be advised that there is an Illinois Testing requirements such as Basic Skills/TAP/ACT.  At least SIX MONTHS BEFORE TRANSFER please get information regarding the Illinois Test requirements at and please see your ECC counselor to verify that your coursework if appropriate.

In addition, as a result of ISBE Administrative Rules Part 20 and 21, the mathematics requirements for state licensure for elementary education and middle school education majors have significantly changed.  These changes include statistics and college algebra content for elementary education majors and calculus I for middle school education majors.  Currently there is no state standard for how these requirements should be met.  Therefore, at this point we recommend you contact the transfer coordinator at the 4-year institution you intend to transfer to for specific guidance regarding the courses you should take at ECC.



ECC is Veteran Friendly

Elgin Community College would like to thank you for your military service! Whether you are starting college for the first-time or re-entering college, we have services to make your transition from troop to student a little easier. If you have any questions, or for additional information please contact Anitra King, Career and Veterans Specialist, at (847) 214-7531 or email:

Emergency Closing Information


When classes and events are canceled and/or the school is closed due to inclement weather, a notification will be posted on the homepage of Here are some additional ways you'll receive notifications:

  • ECC's text messaging system (Rave Alert - Emergency Notification System)
  • Online at
  • By calling 847-238-1234 and entering 847-697-1000 when asked the phone number for your school.
  • Day class cancellations will normally be announced by 5 a.m.
  • Evening class cancellations will normally be announced by 3 p.m.

Do not call the college's main number or the ECC Police Department for college closing information.