Math adjunct faculty offices are usually stocked with basic office supplies.  Supplies are also stocked in D218, where our mail folders are located. If supplies run low in D218, please put the items on the order list attached to the inside of one of the supply cabinet doors. Kristen Campbell:, D212 is responsible for ordering and stocking office/classroom supplies for the D building.

Graphing calculators with attachments for traditional overhead projectors can be obtained by contacting Naima Bahaji:, D202, 847.214.7519.

For other supplies (including textbook resources and office/classroom supplies (for adjuncts with offices in other buildings than Building D), contact Vicki Bethke:, F223, 847.214.7359. Unless you are teaching the same courses the next semester, all texts and supplementary materials should be returned to Vicki Bethke at the close of the semester.

For some classrooms at ECC, faculty are expected to bring markers for writing on white boards. Feel free to leave a box of markers in a room for others to use.