Payroll and Human Resources

General Information


Vicki Bethke (, F220, 847-214-7297) is the Math Department’s interface to Payroll and Human Resources. When you were first hired, Vicki guided you through the process of submitting payroll and HR forms. The contents of the New Hire Packet are listed below.

Faculty members are paid bi-weekly over twenty-six (26) paydays. Payroll forms are submitted for you by Vicki. She also submits the necessary payroll form when you substitute for another faculty member.

On occasion, you may be asked to serve on an ECC ad hoc or standing advisory committee. You will be paid twenty-five dollars ($25) per committee meeting hour. Check with the project’s leader or sponsor to determine if an activity receives compensation. You will need to contact Vicki regarding the meetings you attended.

New Hire Packet


The following information was enclosed in your New Hire Packet when you joined ECC:

You can also find more information for new hires on

Payroll Calendar


Click to download the ECC payroll calendar: payroll calendar

Faculty Benefits


A packet has been assembled to provide you with information about several of the benefits and resources that are available to you as an employee of Elgin Community College. The following information is enclosed in this packet:

In addition, Unit Adjunct Faculty 1 & 2 are eligible for other benefits, including professional development, tuition reimbursement, and leave. See the salary and benefits links above.