Office and Phone

Each faculty member is assigned an office by Vicki, usually in the same building as your classroom. If you're unsure about your office or need a key, contact Vicki.

You are expected to post your office hours on or near the door to your office.

You will also be assigned a voice mail extension by Vicki. For your number and directions to access it, you can contact Vicki. For details about the voice mail system, see the ShoreTel Voicemail User Guide.


Because all the printers on campus are networked, your account may not be set up to print to the computer in your office. If it isn't, you should contact the helpdesk at or call 7979 from any campus phone. For networked printers, you will need to log on using your Office username and password. For more information, see the Email page for details.


Each math faculty member is assigned a mail folder in D218 or F107.01. You'll need the passcode for the room, which you can get from Vicki. (The code isn't included here as this is a publicly accessible document.)


Copiers for faculty use are located in all campus buildings. Adjunct faculty with card numbers between 20000 and 30000 do not have PIN numbers.

Frequently-used copiers are located in D218, outside F223, and in F107. You may need your copier code installed at particular copiers. Contact Vicki if your code does not work at a copier.

You can also print directly to most copiers. Contact Merri Williams at extension 7257 or to have a particular copier installed as a printer on your office computer.

Copy Center

  • D101
  • 847.214.7283
  • M-F 7am-4pm

ECC's Copy Center is available for general duplicating services in room D101. Color copies are available in the Copy Center or in the library. The copy center also provides training on all copiers.

For quantities over 100, instructors are encouraged to use the Copy Center. There are three methods to submit your duplicating job. These are:

Regardless of which method you choose to submit your duplicating job to the Copy Center, you need to provide the following information: paper color, quantity, finishing instructions, copy card number, and pickup or delivery location. See the description for emailing the duplicating job below for an example.

E-mailing the Duplicating Job

Attach your duplicating job to an e-mail and send it to In your e-mail specify the paper, quantity, finishing instructions, and delivery method along with your Copy Card Number. Please only one duplicating job per email. Unless specified otherwise, all jobs are copied double sided on 20# paper.

See an example of the body of an email below:

Please make copies of the MTH 098 (Section 112) MyMathLab First Day Handout:

Paper Color: white

Quantity: 30, double sided

Finishing instructions: 3-hole punch/collate and staple

Copy card number: nnnnn

Pickup or delivery location: Will pick up (other options: Deliver to your mail folder in D218 or Deliver to your office)