Math Mentoring Program

The ECC Math Department is part of a mentoring program for new or experienced faculty. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet 6 times per semester, including two observations of the mentee by the mentor, and one observation of the mentor by the mentee. This is a great opportunity to get some critical feedback in a low-stakes environment and to prepare for your class observation.

Further details are available in the documents below. Any questions should be directed to Dan Kernler (


Filename and Description
Program Summary
A detailed summary of the mentoring program.
Mentee Application
Complete this form if you're interested in participating in the program as a mentee. Be sure to include a variety of available times, as matching can be difficult if you can only come to campus one or two days a week.
Mentor Application
This form must be completed by mentors. A new form is required for every semester you wish to participate.
Mentoring Partnership Agreement
Print out and sign this document at the beginning of the semester..
Mentoring Goals
This is an optional document that each match can use to identify goals for the match. It is for the match only, and is not submitted to the dean.
Mentoring Checklist
Complete and submit this document to the dean at the conclusion of every semester.