Math Department

The mathematics department of Elgin Community College offers a wide variety of mathematics courses designed to meet the needs and interests of a diverse adult student population. Its curriculum includes developmental studies, university transfer classes, and specialized coursework emphasizing both disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary aspects.

The majority of the department's facilities are located in Building D, though some classrooms and offices are in Buildings F and G.

Math Faculty

The full-time faculty offices at ECC are located in Building D. If you have questions about particular courses, please see the appropriate page under the courses menu. For general questions, feel free to stop by any full-time faculty office.

Full-Time Faculty Ext. Office
  Naima Bahaji 7519 D202
  Bailey, Abigail   D212
Ken Beynon 7446 D200
Kristen Campbell 7447 D212
Chalyce Deterding 7329 D210
  Gary Grohs 7964 D208
Dan Kernler 7503 D214
  Kershner, Michelle   D216
Terri Martin 7902 D210
  Catherine Moushon 7500 D206
Nicole Scherger 7962 D204
Greg Wheaton 7009 D216
Part-Time Faculty    
  Annoni, Marco   D223
  Beyerl, Brian 2822 G230
  Boyd, David 2821 D223
  Bretz, John 2627 D223
  Burren, Blythe 2610 D223
  Cammallarie, Josephine 2423 D223
  Doty, Will 2084 G230
  Eckman, Neil   D223
  Farooqie, Kari 2358 D218
  Flahaven, Diana 2648 D223
  Fletcher, Katherine 2803 D223
  Franco, Stephanie 2682 D223
  Gade, Bill 2651 D223
  Gupta, Anu 2602 G230
  Hamilton, Bridget 2617 D223
Hoekstra, Katrina 2642 D223
Jones, Lori 2644 G230
Kilpatrick, Don 2619 D223
  Kugel, John   D223
Lawrence, Dave 7068 D223
  Lee, Janet 2601 D223
  Malik, Ali 2668 D223
  McGrath, Susan 2239 D223
  Meadows, Jennifer 2680 G230
  Meyer, Laura 2677 D223
O’Connor, Kathleen 2606 G230
  Olsen, Mary 2653 D223
Pardun, Phil 2608 D223
  Parola, Michael 2820 D223
  Petkovsek, Judy   D223
  Phillips, Jean 2620 D223
  Pinion, Jeanette 2688 D223
  Plate, Kyle   G230
Rudzinski, Eva 2236 G230
  Saini, Raghav   D223
  Sedivec, James 2509 D223
Shah, Rinal 2242 D223
Shekar, Monica 2662 D223
  Spears, Karen 2633 D223
Teichert, Harry 2671 D223
  Tu, Wenjiang 2640 D223
  Tuerk, Mary Ann 2678 D223
Wade, Linda 2054 D223
  Wagner, Kathryn 2658 D223
Walker, Vicki 2689 D223
  Willner, Elizabeth 2652 D223
  Wilson, Gary 2628 D223
  Woehrle, Kathryn 2766 D223
  Zasada, Michael 2817 D223

Math Department Meetings

Math Department Meetings are held monthly during the academic year. All math faculty members (including adjunct faculty) are invited and encouraged to attend. Agenda topics vary from month-to-month. Minutes are available under the minutes link.

Meet and Greet Meetings

At the beginning of each academic year, the Math Faculty Coordinators organize a Meet and Greet to introduce new faculty members and reconnect with returning instructors. Everyone is invited.

Math Luncheon

We celebrate the end of each semester with a math faculty luncheon. It’s a great opportunity to sit and relax with your math colleagues.