As a faculty member at ECC, you have access to two different email accounts. One is your official ECC email, which uses the same login and password you use at your computer. The username is typically your first initial and your last name. All departmental and institutional emails are sent here. You should check this email address at least twice a week, particularly when staffing decisions are being made.

The other is a student email, provided through Google's Gmail service. The login and password to this system are the same as those used for accessECC. (The username is your first initial, last name, and last four digits of your ECC ID number.)

Some faculty direct students to send email to the second address, and keep all student-related inquiries there. Others have that email set to forward to their ECC email, in order to limit the number of locations to check.

ECC Email (Office)


This username and password combination is officially referred to as your Office login, as they log you on to the Office server at ECC.

You can check your ECC email by logging in to the computer in your office using the username and password assigned to you by Vicki, and opening Microsoft Outlook.  You can also check this from off-campus by visiting  Use the same login and password there.

You may need to log on to your computer using this login information in order to print, as some adjunct offices have networked printers. See the Office, Mail, Copying page for details.

If you have questions regarding your username or password, contact the ECC Helpdesk at 847.214.7979 or by email at

As you become involved as an adjunct instructor at ECC, you will possibly become involved in department or other committees.  You will find it advantageous to keep your Faculty Outlook calendar up to date.

Student (and Faculty) Gmail Instructions

The college implemented a student email system during the summer of 2009.  All email communication between you and your students will go through this system, powered by Google, located at Even though you are faculty you are assigned a student email account. Your student email login is the same as your D2L username and password.

Like the rest of the student electronic services, the student/faculty email account names and passwords are tied to each person’s accessECC account name and password.

To Enable Your ECC Student Email

  1. If you have never used your ECC Student Email account before, you will need to reset your accessECC account password, which will both activate your email account and sync your email password to match your accessECC password. Use reset your accessECC password.
  2. Once your accessECC password has been reset, your email account will be enabled (note: you will not receive any notification that this has happened). You may now navigate to to log in.
  3. Your username and password will match your accessECC username and password.
  4. If this is the first time you've used the ECC Student Email service, you will have to accept the “Gmail acceptable use policy” when you log in.

Your new ECC Student Email account is now configured and ready to use.  Your full email address is:

Please note that by using the Student Email service you also agree to abide by the Acceptable Usage Guidelines.

To login to your student mail account click on the "Student Mail" link on your D2L navigation bar.