Getting Assistance

  1. Chalyce Deterding – math department co-coordinator              
    phone 847-214-7329 email Location D210
    Chalyce creates the schedule and works with full-time and UAF2 faculty to assign their loads. She also works with publishers to schedule training.
  2. Terri Martin – math department co-coordinator
    phone 847-214-7902 email Location D212
    Terri is the primary contact for scheduling UAF1’s, non units, and new hires. She does all the recommendations to the dean (see below) for new hires.
  3. Vicki Bethke – division office coordinator
    phone 847-214-7297 email Location F220
    Vicki will be one of your first contacts at ECC. She coordinates all the initial paperwork for new hires, and will set you up with your accessECC account. See Vicki for copy ID #, email set-ups, and voice mail assignments.

    Call Vicki if you are unable to attend your scheduled classes, and see the Leave page for arranging for a substitute and reporting your absence through eTime.

    If you need to send or receive a fax, contact Vicki. The fax number for the division is 847-214-7965.
  4. Dr. Wendy Miller – Dean of Health Sciences and Interim Dean of Math, Science and Engineering
    phone 847-214-7308 email Location A106.02
    The dean makes all final decisions about hiring and staffing, and is available if you have any concerns relating to student privacy, contact from parents (see the FERPA page), or other areas that need administrative support.

If you have questions regarding course content, see the appropriate course page under the courses menu above.