accessECC Portal

The accessECC Portal can be found at A thorough explanation of all that is available through the Portal is difficult, as it includes all relevant staff and student information for employees, staff, and students.

Your login to the accessECC Portal (and some other systems as well) is your first initial, last name, and the last four digits of your employee ID number.  If you lose this information, you can visit this page to find your ID or set/reset your password:

Of particular interest to faculty, the accessECC Portal is where you can

After logging in, enter the Employee tab at the top of the screen. Once logged in, most of the functionality you will use is on the right hand side of the screen under the Self Service tab. For example, the following topics are found under the Self Service tab.

Student Registration

If you choose to use your tuition benefit and enroll in a credit course at ECC, or enroll in a faculty development course through CETL, you can manage those courses here.

Faculty Information

Go here for your class roster, as well as to enter midterm and final course grades.

Employee Information

Under this menu, you can find copies of past Pay Advices, W-2s, and the link to eTime (required for any absences).


On the Employee page is a link to eTime, the college's time record system. As a faculty member, you will only need to use this to submit a record of your absence or report time if you work as a Math Lab Facilitator. You can visit eTime directly at An extensive help file is available on the eTime page.

Much more!

There are also links to the credit class catalog and everything else at the college here in the accessECC Portal. If you have a question that isn't answered here in the handbook, try the Portal!