Mth210 - Calculus II

Note: This course was previously numbered Mth134.

Course Contact

  • Kris Campbell
  • D212
  • 847.214.7447

Course outline

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Curricunet Instructions


Filename and Description Creator Last
Syllabus Outline
General syllabus outline for all courses
Instructor File
Contains chapters to cover and general course information.
department 3/2014
Calculus of a Vase
A hands-on group lab assignment involving regression and volume of revolution of a vase.
Nicole Scherger 2014
Series Strategies
A printable flowchart of strategies for determining convergence of infinite series.
Kris Campbell 2016
Integration Strategies
A printable somewhat light-hearted flowchart of integration strategies.
Dan Kernler 2015
Volumes and Surfaces of Revolution
This is a handout with the same region revolved around various axes of symmetry. It helps students grapple with these concepts and choose the most appropriate method for calculating the volume.
Dan Kernler 2015
Inifinite Series Theorems
This is a handout including all a summary of the definitions, theorems, and strategies surrounding infinite series.
Dan Kernler 2008
Inifinte Series Test Summary
This handout has a table of the various tests for convergence.
Dan Kernler 2015
Power Series for Elementary Functions
Just a list of the power series for elementary functions to use as a resource for students.
Dan Kernler 2015
Polar Coordinate Graphs Small Large
These files are just blank polar coordinate graphs. The small version leaves work space to the left. The large is two large polar coordinate systems taking up the entire page.
Dan Kernler 2008
A Cardioid Application
This is a handout or problem that can be discussed regarding the cardioid pickup pattern of a microphone.
Dan Kernler 2008