Mth114 - Trigonometry

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  • D216
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Curricunet Instructions


Filename and Description Creator Last
Syllabus Outline
General syllabus outline for all courses
Instructor File
Contains chapters to cover and general course information.
Kris Campbell and Abby Bailey 6/2016
Inverse Trig Functions
A table of each of the circuluar trigonometric functions, their restricted domain, graphs, and corresponding inverse functions.
Dan Kernler 2005
Trigonometric Identities
A list of all the major identities, split into those that shoud be memorized and those that will be provided.
Dan Kernler 2005
Book options:
1. Student text only
2. Student text plus homework
3. Homework only
4. Homework answers only
5. Homework by section
6. Answers by section
Kris Campbell 1/2017
Textbook images - Both Geogebra and *.PNG files for insertion into documents. Kris Campbell 1/2017
Homework images - To accompany homework problems (in progress) Kris Campbell 1/2017
Instructor solutions - Not to be distributed to students (in progress). Kris Campbell 2/2017
Unit circle
MS Word (printable)
Geogebra (editable - download *.zip file and unpack Geogebra version)
*.PNG (insertable)
Kris Campbell 1/2017
Radian Measure
This is a Geogebra applet intended to illustrate the meaning of radian measure. Download the *.zip file and unpack the Geogebra file.
Ken Beynon 1/2017

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