Mth112 - College Algebra

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Curricunet Instructions


Filename and Description Creator Last
Syllabus Outline
General syllabus outline for all courses
Instructor File
Contains chapters to cover and general course information.
Ken Beynon 9/2015
Final Exam Review Packet (answers)
This is a packet of examples created for the Final Exam Review sessions.
Phil Pardun 12/2016
Conics Guide for Exam
This is a handout that we use for practice, and that I provide with their exam over conics. The handout allows me to ask questions about characteristics of graphs from equations without “giving away” the shape.
Catherine Mouson 2009
Common Graphs to Know
This is just a quick summary of the common graphs I expect all 112 students to know before we study transformations.
Dan Kernler 2009
Conic Section Summary
This is a summary of the graphs of all the conic sections including their key properties.
Dan Kernler 2009
Constructing Functions from Real World Data
This is a handout to use the TI-84 calculator and its regression capabilities to model data.
Mary Ann Tuerk 2009
Introduction to Mathematical Induction
This handout includes a casual understanding of induction (dominoes falling), along with a rigorous definition and several examples.
Dan Kernler 2004
Graphical Solutions to Problems
This is a lab to introrduce the use of graphing calculator and to review concepts from the review chapter.
Mary Ann Tuerk 2009
Piecewise-Defined Functions
This is a lab to help students grasp the concept of piecewise-defined functions.
Mary Ann Tuerk 2009
Graphing Rational Functions
A lab to help students identify the key skills expected of them regarding graphs of rational functions.
Mary Ann Tuerk 2009

MyMathLab Shell Course

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