Mth104 - Liberal Arts Mathematics

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  • Nicole Scherger
  • D204
  • 847.214.7962

Course outline

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Curricunet Instructions


Filename and Description Creator Last
Syllabus Outline
General syllabus outline for all courses
Instructor File
Contains chapters to cover and general course information.
Nicole Scherger 6/2015
Sample Syllabus
A detailed sample syllabus for Mth104.
Nicole Scherger 12/2014
Family Budget Action Plan (pdf)
This is a practical hands-on activity that enables students to deal with the challenges of modifying a current budget in a way that improves the financial health of a middle class family.
Michelle Kershner 2015
Probability and Stats Project
A basic project for collecting data, summarizing it both numerically and graphically, and answering some basic probability questions.
Michelle Kershner 2015
Exponential Growth and Decay Project
A project looking at population growth and decay for various countries.
Michelle Kershner 2015
Nicole's Course Page
Has a variety of alternative assignments and data files for Mth104.
Nicole Scherger 2015

MyMathLab Shell Course

If you choose to NOT use MyMathLab, you should still include information so any interested student can access it.  To help, we've set up "shell" courses that you can include in your syllabus: Course ID: ecc95535

Last updated: 6/1/2015