Mth098 - Intermediate Algebra

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  • Kris Campbell
  • D212
  • 847.214.7447

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Curricunet Instructions


Filename and Description Creator Last
Syllabus Outline
General syllabus outline for all courses
Instructor File
Contains chapters to cover and general course information, as well as details regarding the review module for students needing to review Mth096 content.
department 8/2016
Final Exam Review
This is a departmental file that we use during the final exam review sessions. You are welcome to make it available to your own students as well. Answers are also available: Final Exam Review Answers
Terri Martin 2015
Letter to Future Students
This is a writing assignment (comes with a reading that you'll need). I use it for both Mth096 and Mth098. It's a nice activity that helps students see how the brain learns.
Dan Kernler 2014
Visual Arithmetic
A handout with explanations and examples presenting adding and subtracting positive and negative integers visually.
Dan Kernler 2014
Visual Fractions
A handout with explanations and examples presenting fraction arithmetic visually.
Dan Kernler 2015
Factoring Flowchart
A handout with all the major factoring strategies as a decision-making flowchart.
Dan Kernler 2015
Campus Resources
A handout you can assign that will require your students to visit various areas across campus.
Nicole Scherger 2014
Time- and Self-Management Resources
This is a collection of links for time-management and self-management tools.
Success in Mathematics - Reality of Life
A handout you can assign that makes students commit to several actions related to success.
Greg Wheaton 2014
Success in Mathematics - Belief
A second handout you can assign that prompts students to ponder "confidence tips".
Greg Wheaton 2014
Success in Mathematics - Learn
A third handout you can assign that prompts students to commit to several actions related to learning to study.
Greg Wheaton 2014
Tips for Success in College Mathematics
A collection of tips for success. Could be an resource or an assigned reading for students.
Math Anxiety Paper
An assignment related to a reading from the Alan Bass text.
Terri Martin 2014
Workshop Student Signature Sheet
An assignment requiring students to visit a workshop through the Tutoring Center or a Final Exam Review workshop.
Polynomial Division
This handout has an example of long division and synthetic division worked out step-by-step so students can see what happens at each step.
Dan Kernler 2015
Unit Conversion Practice
A unit conversion handout with examples and practice problems - answers included.
Dan Kernler 2015

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