Miscellaneous Course Files

Filename and Description Creator Last
Uploading Videos to YouTube
Instructions for how to upload videos to YouTube and embed into D2L.
Kris Campbell 2017
Frayer vocabulary model
This is a handout for us building vocabulary. It's based on the Frayer model.
Dan Kernler 2011
Statement of Academic Dishonesty
This is a form I use for students who have cheated. It essentially gives them the choice of admitting to cheating and getting a 0 on that assignment or denying it and getting a 0 while also being reported to the college.
Dan Kernler 2014
Statistics on the TI-83/84
This is a handout you can print for students or make available electronically.
Dan Kernler 2003
Syllabus Outline
General syllabus outline for all courses
Word drawings
This is a collection of drawings in Microsoft Word for nearly all course levels at ECC. Feel free to use with attribution.
Dan Kernler 2014
Departmental Assessment Schedule
This is the schedule we made as a department showing our tentative plan for which courses to assess each semester.
Chalyce Deterding 2015