Once you know that you will be absent, call or email Vicki Bethke or Vicki Bethke to let them know the dates. Refer to the Leave page for information about charging your time off.

If there is time, attempt to find a substitute. Substitutes are paidthe Lane II Step 2 Unit Adjunct II Counselors and Librarians rate per hour (see Section 6.10 of the ECCFA Contract), so you usually can find one willing to take your class. You may have seen a past email from one of your colleagues asking for a substitute. Feel free to copy the distribution list and use it for your own request. You may also seek your substitute by asking one of your colleagues you know or asking someone who has substituted for you before.

Only colleagues that have been approved by the Dean to teach the course being offered should reply to your request for a substitute. Submit the name of your substitute, class and section number, date, time, and room number to Vicki. She will submit a form to payroll so that your substitute is paid for covering your class.

Once you have lined up your substitute, provide instructions and any handouts to be distributed in class.