Vicki Bethke (, F223, 847-214-7359) obtains parking permits from the ECC Police Department for the math faculty, or you can do so yourself. The Police Department is located in D140.

Hang the permit from your rearview mirror with the number facing out. A portion of lots A and G are staff lots (see map), though this is only from 8am-5:30pm. The permit must be displayed whenever you use these lots during that time period. After 5:30pm, they are open to anyone.

The remaining lots are open parking spaces to students, visitors and staff. These spaces don't require parking permits or tags. They are open without restrictions unless posted otherwise. Parking overnight is prohibited.

As in any parking lot, abide by the rules posted for handicapped and motorcycle parking. Motorists who violate campus parking regulations and common parking laws will be ticketed and fined. ECC police and the Elgin Police Department enforce all parking regulations.