ECC has several dining options for the busy faculty member.

ECC Cafeteria

Expect full service at ECC's cafeteria and a great view of Spartan Lake!

Food & Drinks Selection

Spartan Terrace Restaurant

Enjoy elegant cuisine prepared and served by the students of the award-winning culinary arts and hospitality program of ECC. Spartan Terrace is an extraordinary classroom where students gain real-world experience under the guidance of their instructors. As a guest, you play an important role in the educational process of these talented men and women.


  • I100
  • 847.214.7171
  • Fall & Spring:
    daily based on
    product avail.

The culinary retail store offers items prepared by students in a classroom setting under the watchful eye of their instructors at the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Institute of ECC. The store offers a variety of entrees, soups, salads, side dishes, breads, cakes and pastries.

Watch your email to find out when the Spartan-To-Go retail store is open and what they have to offer for the day.