Students who have attended their classes and withdraw during the withdrawal period receive a grade of ‘W’ (Withdrawal), which carries no academic penalty and is not used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average.

Instructors reserve the right to withdraw a student from class until midterm due to nonattendance (student never attended the class); excessive, unexcused absences; or other violation of the class’ attendance policy. Further, instructors reserve the right to withdraw students from their classes with a failing grade at any point in the semester due to plagiarism, cheating or other gross infractions. Formal charges may be filed in accordance with ECC’s Student Code of Conduct Discipline Procedure.

To withdraw a student from a course, the instructor enters a W as a midterm grade via the accessECC Portal. See specific instructions below:

  1. Log in to the accessECC Portal. Choose Employee. Under Self Service > Faculty > Faculty Information click Grading. Select a Term (do not put in start/end dates) and click Submit. Choose Midterm in drop down box. A list of your classes will appear. Click on the box to select the section you wish to grade.
  2. Enter a midterm grade of W for the student to be withdrawn. 
  3. Submit. After the grades are submitted, a Grading Confirmation Form  will be displayed with the message, "Your changes have been saved. Modified records are shown below."

Logout and then log back in and review to ensure grades were accepted.

Students cannot be withdrawn from a course after the last date for withdrawals (typically the 10th week of the semester). You can find that date linked from the ECC Withdrawal Policy page.