Testing Center

This document provides information needed to use the Testing Center. This information can also be found on eNet.

Testing Center

  • B115
  • 847.214.7150
  • M-Th 9am-9pm
    F 9am-3pm
    Sa 8a-1pm

    Summer Hours:
    M-Th 9am-9pm
    Closed F-Sa

    Be sure to check
    the web page for
    current hours.

The Testing Center provides a place for students to take placement exams, make-up examinations, exams for telecourses, CLEP tests, among others. Some tests may be taken on a walk-in basis; others require an appointment. The Testing Center also provides workshops for the math, English, and reading tests.

Transition to Electronic Format

Below is information from the Testing Center staff:

Given the large number of tests we give each year, the Testing Center is looking for a better way to keep your test materials safe, get them back to you in timely fashion, eliminate paper as much as possible, and help facilitate students’ functioning in a computerized environment. But for now know that the Testing Center will continue to take paper/pencil tests. 
We would like to begin delivery of tests in electronic format as soon as possible. To do this, you would:

  1. Send a created test to the Testing mailbox (testing@elgin.edu) with a Request for Testing form (see directions below). A PDF file of the test is generally the easiest to do. If you use a software application for creating tests, for example TestGen, export your test to pdf format.  Also, it can be scanned, saved and sent to the Testing mailbox. The copier in D218 is equipped to do this.
  2. We will create a folder for each instructor and save the tests there securely.  We will print them for the students.
  3. At the end of the semester, we will delete all tests in your folder unless you have told us to keep them for another semester.  

Anything you can do to help the Testing Center move into a more paperless environment for testing will be greatly appreciated.  We are happy to help with any concerns, issues, and answer any questions, and we can use your input as to what is needed to make this happen in the next year or so.

Request for Testing Form

Complete the Request for Testing form for each set of exams. Hard copies are available in the Testing Center. It is the yellow form located by the testing center welcome desk. The completed Request for Testing form along with the tests can be delivered in person to the Testing Center, sent via inter-office mail, or e-mailed to the testing manager (vroush@elgin.edu).

  1. When completing the form be sure to include:
    1. Whether it is a makeup, internet, placement or proficiency test
    2. Instructor’s name: Tests are filed by Instructor’s Last name.
    3. Phone extension or best way to contact instructor in an emergency
    4. Time limit (if any)
    5. The last date to take the test.  If no date is listed the Testing Center will return the test in seven days.
    6. Any special instructions (open book, calculator, etc.)
  2. Write the full name of each student on the sheet.  The Testing Center will not accept exams for "nameless" students.  Leave one test for each student.
  3. Please include any scantrons or blue books needed by your students.
  4. If you wish, the Testing Center can verify the identity of your student(s) by use of a photo-ID. Please inform the student(s) to bring a photo-ID to the Testing Center in order to take the test.
  5. The Testing Center cannot time each test individually.  The staff tells the students their time limit and expects them to time themselves.  If this does not suit the instructor’s needs, please do not send these tests to the Testing Center.
  6. Tests will be returned to the instructor after the expiration date.

Information Needed by the Student


The Instructor should share the following information with the students sent to the Testing Center:

  1. Bring their student ID
  2. Know their class and section number (e.g. MTH 098 Section 110) along with their instructor’s name
  3. Students taking online classes will need their class schedule and code to access the test
  4. The Testing Center does not allow unrelated test material (especially cell phones), backpacks, purses, etc. in the testing room.  They will be locked in security bags. If a student’s cell phone rings, vibrates, etc. during testing, the test will be confiscated and returned to the instructor.  The student will not be able to complete that test in the Testing Center.

Using the Testing Center for Testing Entire Classes


Normally the Testing Center cannot administer tests for entire classes due to the size of the testing room. Tests for entire classes will be returned to you. However, there are two exceptions to this rule.

Students taking online math classes take their tests in the Testing Center.

** Please do not tell students to drop off homework in the testing center since the center does not have file space to store homework.