Online Homework Systems

There are three online course management and homework products used at ECC to accompany our textbooks. Information about each is below.



MyMathLab is a complete online course management system, associated with a particular text through the publisher, Pearson Education. It contains a homework component (MathXL), but also the entire eBook, multimedia learning aids, a study plan, and more. For more information, visit the MyMathLab website.

Students need an access code to use MyMathLab. Depending on the textbook, this can either be bundled with a new book, purchased independently at our bookstore or other online retailers (i.e., or directly through the (Students will need your course ID first.)

A new MyMathLab access code typically costs around $95. The MyMathLab code lasts 12 months, but it cannot be transferred to another course, because MyMathLab is associated with a particular text. The code could only be good for more than one semester if the student took a course requiring that same text (maybe repeating the course or continuing from Mth096 to Mth098, which use the same text).

Shell Courses

If you choose to NOT use MyMathLab, you should still include information so any interested student can access it.  To help, we've set up "shell" courses that you can include in your syllabus. You can find those course IDs on the appropriate course page under the courses menu to the left.

Exporting Grades

If you're using D2L to manage your course grades, you do have the ability to export grades from MyMathLab and then import them into D2L. For more information, visit the FAQ page on MyMathLab and the D2L page here in the adjunct handbook.


Training for MyMathLab is available from a variety of sources. Our Pearson representative is always more than willing to help. Contact one of the department co-coordinators to get the contact information for the current representative. Also, many of the math adjunct and full-time faculty use MyMathLab and would be willing to help you get started.

There is also a self-paced training module available through Pearson for free at




WebAssign is a product that is not associated with a particular publisher, but which is available for Mth126, Mth190, and Mth210 at ECC. At the moment, it is only being used for Mth126. If you would like more information, see the appropriate link under the courses menu or visit


Connect Math & LearnSmart


Connect Math and LearnSmart are produced by McGraw-Hill and are currently only being used in conjunction with Mth102. Training is available if you are teaching this course and interested in using these products. See the appropriate link under the courses menu for more information.