Assigning Grades


To find details for submitting grades, visit

Midterm and final grades are submitted via the accessECC Portal. (For more details, see the accessECC Portal page in this handbook.)

ECC does not have +/- course grades. The only grades you can assign to students at the end of semesters are as follows:

A=Superior (4.0 grade points)
B=Good (3.0 grade points)
C=Average (2.0 grade points)
D=Poor (1.0 grade points)
F=Failure (0 grade points)
W=Withdrawal (no value)
I=Incomplete (no value)
AU=Audit (no value)

If a student is unable to complete course requirements because of an emergency, a grade of incomplete may be given. The incomplete grade will be given at the discretion of the instructor in place of a final grade. All incomplete grades must be completed within 120 calendar days after the end of the semester. A failing grade (F) will be recorded by the registrar for incomplete grades not cleared within 120 days. An extension may be given beyond the 120 days if there are extreme circumstances. In that case, the instructor must file a formal extension with the Records Office.