College Readiness Summer Bridge Program

In 2006, ECC began a new initiative we call the Alliance for College Readiness. The Alliance is a collaborative partnership between Elgin Community College and the public school districts in Community College District 509 to ensure that all District 509 high school graduates are ready for college-level courses and can experience success after high school.

For more information, you can view the Alliance for College Readiness web page.

Summer Bridge

One key project that came out of the Alliance is the Summer Bridge Program, which seeks to address the following objectives:

The Summer Bridge targets students who placed below college level. Based on their developmental needs, students are placed into either a writing review course or a math review course.

Summer Bridge classes meet for three weeks for a total of 31 hours and are team taught by high school and ECC faculty with the assistance of a reading specialist. This collaborative approach allows teachers to learn from each other and to develop skill in integrating reading into their subject areas.

Math faculty, particularly those with experience working with high-school age students, are invited to participate as instructors during the summer for this program. Interested faculty should contact Alison Douglas @ 847-214-7644 or

Why Participate?